Tripura General Knowledge Set - 5

Q. The first two members of Lok Shaba from Tripura are
Ans- Birendra Dutta and Dasharath Dev

Q. The first Chairman of TTAADC
Ans- Narayan Rupini

Q. TTAADC formed in Tripura as per sixth schedule on
Ans- 1st April, 1985

Q. The executive member of TTAADC was
Ans- Aghore Debbarma

Q. First News Paper published from Agartala
Ans- Arun

Q. Directorate of School Education of Tripura is formed in the year
Ans- 1953

Q. The first Bengali Magazine published from Tripura is
Ans- Ravi

Q. The First Speaker of Tripura Legislative Assembly was
Ans- Upendra Kishore Roy

Q. The first Education Minister of Tripura
Ans- Sukhumay Sengupta

Q. Aawa festival is associated with
Ans- Mog Community

Q. Tuibuma folk dance is associated with
Ans- Reang community

Q. Tutai Khangmu folk dance is associated with
Ans- Reang Community

Q. Gangkuli folk dance is aasociated with
Ans- Chakma Community

Q. The term chantai is associated with
Ans- Worship

Q. Who build the TRIPURESWARI Temple
Ans- Dhanya Manikkya

Q. Who shifted the capital from Udaipur to Old Agartala in 1761 AD
Ans- Krishna Manikya

Q.  Who shifted the capital from Old Agartala to Agartala in 1844 AD
Ans- Krishna Kishore Manikya

Q. The first political agent of Tripura
Ans- A.W.B Power

Q. The first political agent was appointed in the year
Ans- 1871

Q. Jamatia Revolt organized in the year
Ans- 1863

Q. The first public library was established in the year
Ans- 1896

Q. The State Civil Service was first introduce in the year
Ans- 1915

Q. The first Tripura Tribal Reserve formed in
Ans- Kamalpur

Q. The first election of Agartala Municipality was held in the year
Ans- 5th November, 1951

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