Tripura General Knowledge Set - 4

Q. Tripura Board of Joint Entrance Examination is formed in the year
Ans- 1988

Q. The first Girls high school of Tripura is
Ans- Maharani Tulshibati H.S. School

Q. Who has written the book “Krishnamala” ?
Ans- Ramganga Bisharat

Q. Who has written the book “Champak Vijay”
Ans- Shiek Mahaddi

Q. Who is associated the term “Seng-Thum-Fa”
Ans- Mahamanikya

Q. Who is associated the term “Chattra Manikya”
Ans- Nakshatra Ray

Q. Which north east state does not have any boundary with the Tripura
Ans- Arunachal Pradesh

Q. The first woman recipient of Arjun Award from Tripura is
Ans- Kalpana Debnath

Q. Raima Swimming Pool is located at
Ans- Badharghat

Q. The Biju Utsav is related to
Ans- Chakma Community

Q. The Gariya festival is related to
Ans- Tripuri and Jamatia

Q. The largest Tribal Community in Tripura is
Ans- Tripuri

Q. Uma Maheswar Temple is located near
Ans- Ujjanta Palace

Q. Which river flows towards to north
Ans- Khowai

Q. Which river flows towards to West
Ans- Gomati

Q. Which river flows towards to South
Ans- Feni

Q. Who was the first recipient of “Khel Ratna” award from Tripura
Ans- Bishweshwar Nandi

Q. Regional Collage of Physical Education is located at
Ans- Panisagar

Q. Abarjhanar Jhuri was written by
Ans- Nabadeep Chandra Debbarman

Q. Desiya Rajya was written by
Ans- Colonel Mahim Chandra

Q. The kumara Madhuti bridge was constructed on the River
Ans- khowai

Q. The first Teacher’s Traning collage was situated in the year
Ans- 1954

Q. The Buddist sites in resides in Tripura at
Ans- Pilak

Q. The first RD block of Tripura is
Ans- Jirania

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