General Knowledge of North East of India Set - 4

Q. Which is the 1st Biospere reserve in the North Eastern region?
Ans- Nokrek Biospere reserve(Meghalaya).

Q.What is the name of the beautiful town is located between  Mizoram &  Myanmar border?
Ans- Champai.

Q. What is the name of the wildlife sanctuary is located among Tripura, Mizoram & Bangladesh border?
Ans- Dampa.

Q. Naga people can easily identify their respective groups by looking at the____?
Ans- Designs & colours of the shawls.

Q. Agriculture is main profession of _____?
Ans- 90% Naga people.

Q. Tigers & Hillock Gibbons are found in which sanctuary?
Ans- Fakim Sanctury (Nagaland).

Q. Where is the North East Zone Cultural centre(NEZCC) is located?
Ans- Dimapur(Nagaland).

Q. One part of a village in Nagaland and other in Myanmar, name of the village is?
Ans- Longwa Village.

Q. Jallianwallabagh of eastern India was____?
Ans- Dhekiajuli Massacre.

Q. A folk dance of Manipur means dancing in the Moonlight. What is the name of the dance?
Ans- Thabal Chongba.

Q. What is called the Mount Kisha of Manipur?
Ans- “A little Shangrila”.

Q. What is called the most popular Bamboo dance?
Ans- Cheraw (Mizoram).

Q.100% village electrification was completed in which state?
Ans-  Mizoram.

Q. NERIST was set up  at Nirjuli near Itanagar in which year?
Ans- 1983

Q. Asia’s longest Bailey Suspension Bridge is on which river?
Ans- River Deopani (Arunachal Pradesh)

Q.Which is  the second Largest Island in Asia ?
Ans- Nongkhnum Island (Meghalaya).

Q. Raja Mircha –hottest Chilly of the World found in which state?
Ans- Nagaland.

Q. Suangpuilaun Inscriptions- a stone slab lies in which state?
Ans- Aizawl (Mizoram).

Q. Why Jatinga Sanctuary is famous for?
Ans- Migratory Birds.

Q. Which state capital was named after a river?
Ans- Imphal (Manipur)

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