General Knowledge of North East of India Set - 2

Q. Where Green Pigeons are found?
Ans- Sikkim.
Q.  “ The Kumbh Mela of the East is?
Ans- Parshuram Kund Mela (Lohit, A.P.)
Q. Asia’s 3rd Orchidarium- Tipi (7500 Orchds) is in?
Ans- Arunachal Pradesh.
Q. Major Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh  is?
Ans- 26
Q. Major Tribes of Nagaland is?
Ans- 15
Q. Tawang (A.P) is the birth place of?
Ans- 6th Dalai Lama.
Q.What was known the Earliest inhavitants of Assam?
Ans- Proto-Austroloid.
Q. What is the other name of Brahmaputra in Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans- Siang.
Q. Which National park bordering Assam & A.P.?
Ans- Nameri National Park.
Q. What is called the seat of Religious Head ?
Ans. Satra.
Q. What is called The Community Prayer Hall?
Ans- Naamghar or Kirtanghar.
Q. Dancing Deer-“Sanghai” is found in which state?
Ans- Manipur.
Q. Where the only Floating National park in the World is found?
Ans- Keibul Lamjao (Manipur).
Q. Only “Browantlered Deer “ in the world?
Ans- Manipur.
Q. Dzukou Vally is famous for(Nagaland) what?
Ans. Hunting Place for trekkers.
Q. Liphanyan Governor’s camp is in where?
Ans- Nagaland.
Q. Where Losar (New year festival ) is celebrated?
Ans. Arunachal Pradesh.
Q. Cheiraoba (New year festival) is a festival of?
Ans- Manipur.
Q. Bhai Dooj (Ningol Chak Kouba)festival is a_____?
Ans- Manipuri festival.
Q. Kamakhya Temple is situated on the top of?
Ans- Nilachal Hill.

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