General Knowledge of North East of India Set - 1

Q.Name the State Bird of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans- Hornbil.
Q. Name the state Animal of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans- Mithun (Bos Frontalis).
Q. Name the Highest Peak of North East?
Ans- Kangte (A.P.)
Q. Name the largest River of North East?
Ans- Brahmaputra.
Q. Fox tail Orchid is the state flower of which states?
Ans- Assam & Arunachal Pradesh.
Q. Name the largest Lake of North East?
Ans- Loktak (Manipur).
Q. Name the largest Zoo of North East?
Ans- Assam state Zoo.
Q. Biggest Monastery of North East & Second Monastery in Asia-
Ans- Tawang Monastery (Gompa)-A.P.
Q. Biggest Cathedral of North East-
Ans- Catholic Cathdral (Nagaland).
Q.Name the oldest Church of North East?
Ans-  Nongsawlia Presbyrerian (Meghalaya).
Q. The biggest Village in Asia?
Ans- Barabasti (Nagaland).
Q. The tallest Temple of North East?
Ans- Shivadol Temple (Assam).
Q. The Oldest Refinery?
Ans- Digboi (Assam)1889 A.D.
Q. Highest rainfall in the World?
Ans- Mawsynram (12000mm Meghalaya).
Q. Red Panda is the State Animal of?
Ans- Sikkim.
Q. Blood Pheasnt is the State Bird of?
Ans- Sikkim.
Q.Name the State Flower of Sikkim?
Ans- Nobile Orchid.
Q. The Hollong is the state Tree of?
Q. What is the state Bird of Assam?
Ans- The White-Winged Wood Duck (Deo Hanh).
Q. Manchester & Biggest Village of Assam & Famous for Silk Products-
Ans- Sualkuchi (Assam).

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