Current Affairs of Tripura - April - 2016

Q. When the chief justice of the high court of Tripura Mr Deepak Kumar Gupta has been transferred?
Ans- 5th april 2016.
Q. Mr Deepak Gupta replaced by whome?
Ans- Mr Gupta replaced by Justice T.A.Vaiphei of Guwahati high court.
Q.|When MGNREGA payments starts through National Electronic Fund Management System (NEFMS)  ?
Ans- april 2016.
Q. Who is the First Vice-Chancellor  of MBB University?
Ans- Prof. Goutam Basu.
Q. When Prof. Goutam Basu started his journey as vice-chancellor of MBB University?
Ans- 15th april 2016.
Q. Which state achieved the first position in the country in creating MGNREGA mandays?
Ans- Tripura.


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