Current Affairs of Tripura - February - 2016

Q. Which District awarded for MGNREGA Udaipur?
Ans- Gomati District.
Q.When inaugurated 39th Border out post with modern facilities?
Ans- 5th feb 2016.
Q. By whome 39th Border out post with modern facilities inaugurated?
Ans- Inspector General of BSF, Tripura Frontier, Mr J B Sangwan .  
Q.Where Modern BOP inaugurated?
Ans- At Merupara in Subroom.
Q. Name the districts were awarded as best in implementation of MGNREGA?
Ans- Gomati district & Dhalai district.
Q. When 2014-2015 MGNREGA award were given?
Ans- on 2nd feb 2016 on the occasion of MGNREGA day.
Q. Where four trauma centres situated in Tripura?
Ans- at GB, Kulai, Dharmanagar and Udaipur hospitals.
Q. When state government has installed most sophisticated MRI machine at GBP hospital?
Ans- 10th feb 2016.
Q. Who inaugurated the National De-worming Day 2016 at Agartala?
Ans- Chief Secretary Y P Singh .
Q. When monthly literary magazine “Arshinagar” was published?
Ans- 18th feb 2016 in the Agartala Book Fair.

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