Current Affairs of Tripura - October - 2015

Q. When First Generic Medicine centre opened?
Ans- In October 2015 (G.B).
Q. When the tea industry is reeled under unprecedented crisis and the Laxmi Tea Company had a set a plan to export finished tea to outside the country?
Ans- 3rd October 2015.
Q. When TTAADC administration took initiative to identify wad areas under each Village Committee?
Ans- 3rd October 2015.
Q. When number of Village Committee has been increased to 587?
Ans- 3rd October 2016
Q. Where North Eastern Diabetes Society (NEDSCON)  organized  three day long annual conference?
Ans- Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhavan.
Q. Who inaugurate NEDSCON programme at chief guest?
Ans- Union Minister of Doner Dr. Jitendra Sing.
Q. When NEDSCON started three day long annual conference?
Ans- 9th  October .
Q.Who is the Chairman of NEDSCON?
Ans- Dr. P.K. Bhattacharjee.
Q. What is the name of the first kokborok nobel released by ADC authority?
Ans- “Hachuk Khuriyo”.
Q. ‘Hachuk Khuriyo’ (in the lap of hills)  authored by whome?
Ans- Sudhannwa Debbarma.
Q. Who is the Late legendry tribal leader and former speaker  of  Tipura state assembly?
Ans- Sudhannwa Debbarma.
Q. When Agartala-Kolkata via Dhaka bus service started?
Ans- 14th October 2015.
Q. When first TET exam for primary level teachers conducted in Tripura?
Ans- 21st december2015.
Q. Who is the first ever Indian to qualify for the finals of world Gymnastics Championships?
Ans- Dipa Karmakar, golden girl of Tripura.
Q. When Dipa Karmakar qualified  for the finals of World  Gymnastics Championships?
Ans- 25th october 2015.
Q. What is the score of Dipa Karmakar in the women’s Vault qualification at the 2015 world  Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow?
Ans- scored total of 14.900 points.
Q. When decided the state government to form Tripura Human Rights Commission with effect from 1st jan 2016?
Ans- 26th oct 2015.
Q. Who is the Chairman of Tripura Human Rights Commission?
Ans- Former chief justice of Kolkata High Court, Kalyanjyoti Sengupta.
Q.When India has kicked off the process to open new waterways with Bangladesh?
Ans- 27th oct 2015.
Q. Who is the general manager of NF Railway , contruction  organisation?
Ans- Harjeet Kumar Jaggi
Q. When Harjeet Kumar Jaggi has taken over the charges of general manager?
Ans- 27th oct 2015.
Q. When decided to supply 100 mega watt power to Bangladesh from OTPC Power Plant, at Palatana?
Ans- 28th oct 2015.
Q. When celebrated ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’ in Agartala?
Ans- 31st oct 2015.

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