Current Affairs of Tripura - September - 2015

Q. Who is awarded by “ Bharat Jyoti” ?
Ans- Dr. Ranjit Debbarma, Chairman of TTADC.
Q. Why “Bharat Jyoti” was awarded to the Chairman of TTADC?
Ans- For meritorious service and outstanding performance.
Q. Which Society handed over the “Bharat Jyoti” award to Dr. Ranjit Debbarma?
Ans- Indian International Friendship Society.
Q. Where the” Bharat Jyoti” award seminar  held on?
Ans- At New Delhi on August 29.
Q. Who is the Tripura’s leading ‘Kokborok’ poet?
Ans- Chandra Kanta Murasingh.
Q. Who is conferred by the ‘True Legend of Northeast’ award?
Ans- Chandra Kanta Murasingh.
Q. When the ‘True Legends of Northeast’ award is conferred ?
Ans- By the country’s leading media house, Anand Bazar Private (ABP) limited on September 18.
Q.When State Government took initiative to connect Bangladesh’s Meghna river with States two dying rivers- Gomati and Howrah?
Ans- 13th September 2016.
Q. When Smriti Irani visited in Tripura?
Ans- 18th September 2015
Q. When decided Post Office  to open two ATMS in the state, one at Agartala and the other at Amarpur?
Ans- 28th September 2015. 


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