General Knowledge of North East of India Set - 5

Q. Butterfly Museum is in which state?
Ans- Meghalaya.
Q. Where Barking Deer is found?
Ans- Nagaland.
Q. Name of the town of Meghalaya along Indo-Bangladesh Border?
Ans- Dawki.
Q. Where first American  Baptist Mission was set up in N.E. ?
Ans- Nagaland(1872).
Q. Who is the first Jnanpith Award Winner in North East?
Ans- Dr. Birendra Kr. Bhattacharyya (1979) for “Mrityunjoy”.
Q. First Jnanpith Award Winner (Woman) 2000 A.D.____?
Ans- Mamoni Raisom (Indira) Goswami. (Assam)
Q.Who is  First Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner?
Ans- Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. (Assam)
Q. Who is first Bharat Ratna Award Winner (1999)?
Ans. Gopinath Bordoloi (1st chief Minister of Assam)
Q. Who is  First Union Minister & President of India?
Ans- Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (Assam).
Q. Who is the First  Padmashree & Padmabhushan Award Winner?
Ans- Krishna Kanta Handique (Assam)
Q.Who is the First Sangeet Natak Academy Award Winner?
Ans- Maniram Muktia Bayan.
Q.Who is the First Gold Medalist in Asian Games (1966) & Arjun Award Winner (in Race)?
Ans- Bhogeswar  Baruah (Assam).
Q. Who is the First Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna (1997) & Woman Arjun Award Winner?
Ans- N. Kunjarani Devi (Manipur).
Q. Name the First Archery Player participated in Olympic Games (Atlanta, 1996|?
Ans- C. Lalremsanga (Mizoram).
Q. Name the First Indian Football Captain in London Olympic?
Ans- Dr. Talimeren Ao (Nagaland).
Q. Who is the First Woman Union Minister?
Ans- Renkadevi Barkatoky (Assam).
Q. Name the First Women Secretary Embassy & Ambassador of India in Foreign Countries?
Ans- Neichulieu Nikki Haralu (Nagaland).
Q. Name the First Newspaper of Assam & North East?
Ans- Orunodai (Sun Rise) in Assam.
Q. Name the First Film Director (Bengali) of Assam?
Ans- Pramothesh Baruah.
Q. Who is the Father of Assam Tea?
Ans- Charles Alexander Bruce.

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